About us


With over 85 years of experience in any field which gets passed on from generation to generation, the results are bound to be fabulous. The same thing has happened to ARG Calendars as well. They publish their calendars under the brand name of Paper Plus, printed on each and every calendar coming out of their inventory; they have become a name to reckon with in Calendar Manufacturing Industry. Each year the company members travel to remotest parts of the world to see and learn the cutting edge technology in the printing industry so that all of us can enjoy the latest in the business without any delay.
Paperplus has a very strong policy of not repeating any design next year. Every year they change their entire portfolio so as to give change and variety to the end users who otherwise gets exposed to simple mundane images year after year.




Late Mr. Anant Ram Gupta founded the company and named it after his initials as ARG Calendars in the year 1935. He dedicated his entire life in streamlining the business.

Mr. Rajiv Gupta, son of Late Mr. Anant Ram Gupta joined the business at a very early age, so as to learn the knitty gritty details of the business. He is now overseeing the entire business. A master tactician himself, he strategies and thinks ahead and plans for the future. Loves to dribble in technology, he is the reason why the company today boasts some of the biggest printing equipments. Loves to learns the latest cutting edge technology in the business and implement them at best possible way.

Mr. Ankit Gupta, nephew of Mr. Rajiv Gupta and Grandson of Late. Mr. Anant Ram Gupta too has joined the business after completing his MBA. He is currently handling the operations part of the business which is most crucial in terms of executing the order at practical level. The business meetings are a lot more energetic because of his inputs and ideas.